texican court hotel in the irving, las colinas, DFW area


Welcome to Valencia Group’s Texican Court where guests will experience a blending of cultures of Texas and Mexico. Inspired by the theme song for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly composed by Enino Morricone, the hotel seeks to capture the essence of the tension and drama that this song characterizes, feeling the larger than life vistas filled with dramatic backdrops and excitement.

The hotel’s design will feature Spanish mission-style architecture with the subtle layer of Texas making it uniquely Texican architecture. The word “Texican” was a word used to identify people, specifically soldiers in Texas at the time of the war for Independence. This unique mixture of Anglo and Hispanic settlers carved out a Republic and developed a culture that is alive and well in the great state of Texas.

Featuring three distinct courtyards, each will have their own story and setting featuring everything from the reception area to the circular pool, the bar, meeting space, the grove of trees, fire pits and more. 

Texican Court is bringing to Las Colinas 152 retro-inspired guest rooms with over 3,500 square feet of meeting space and is located across from the Convention Center and The Music Factory. The hotel is designed to provide a rich setting for people to escape their everyday lives and settle into a world that moves slower and where the Texas sun is not a burden but rather a reason to settle in for a cold beverage with a plate of tacos….“Make Tacos Not War”

501 West Las Colinas Blvd| Irving, Texas 75039